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Director: Christine Caruso

(Filmmaker is attending in-theatre festival in Friday Harbor)

Corky is the world’s longest-held captive orca. Living at SeaWorld San Diego, she has been in captivity for 52 years. Captured in Canada and taken from her mother’s side in 1969, she was sold to Marineland of the Pacific. While there Corky suffered the loss of her six calves, who died soon after birth. Public sentiment about keeping orcas in captivity has changed, and public pressure has led SeaWorld to end its program of breeding its own orcas. The film provides insight into the recent efforts to offer sea sanctuaries, some that are now in operation and others that are currently being planned, giving hope that Corky and other captive cetaceans can be returned to their natural ocean habitat. We are left with this question to ponder: Will SeaWorld give something back to Corky, a piece of the life that nature had intended for her, after everything that she has given to them?

Released in 2022

Running time: 85 minutes

Sponsor: Kenmore Air


Christine Caruso

Christine Caruso is a Seattle teacher and first-time filmmaker. Wanting to learn more about captive and wild orcas, Christine began a six-year journey resulting in this documentary. When Christine learned about the life of a captive orca, Corky, and the decades-long efforts by people who have been advocating for Corky’s return to her ocean home, she knew that Corky’s story was one that needed to be told.

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    85 minutes
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    United States
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  • Director
    Christine Caruso
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    Christine Caruso
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    Holly Marie Combs Ryan, Dr. Paul Spong, Alexandra Morton