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Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle
When a rare Harpy Eagle nest is discovered near the Emberá tribe of Playa Muerto, the tribe finds an unlikely ally.
Ghost Ponds
In the farmland of England, a search and rescue mission is underway. A team is working to excavate land haunted by ghosts… but these are not ordinary ghosts… they are ghost ponds.
In a small rural town in Pennsylvania, the refuge of a rare salamander and the only source of clean drinking water for 700 people is threatened by the installation of a fracking waste injection well, prompting community members to band together and mount an epic fight for the rights of their people and nature.
Hope and Restoration: Saving the Whitebark Pine
Whitebark pines trees are icons of North America's mountain landscape. They are considered both a foundational and keystone species for the critical role they play in the ecosystems where they occur.
Hope Restored
Science predicts corals are doomed in the ocean of the future. But an example from Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean provides a glimmer of hope.
How would you feel if you were a mother of two families? A mother of a human family and of a wild family that decided thousands of years ago to live hidden, forever, in the heart of the forest.
Living With Lions
Growing up in Kenya, the only images of conservationists Resson Kantai Duff ever saw were of those she calls “the pale and the male.” She never saw anyone who looked like herself.
‘REFORMED’ is a moving and inspiring reformation story of a former poacher, Kapanda Chilekwa’, turned ranger.
Rise From The Cape Flats
"Rise From the Cape Flats" is about how Shamier Magmoet, a Muslim man living in "the most dangerous community in South Africa," discovered the ocean just a short distance away from his community and how it changed his life.
Seagrass For Sea Change
The shallow waters off Australia’s shores once supported vast meadows of seagrasses that can be as critical to biodiversity as any coral reef or rainforest, but have been dangerously degraded by centuries of industrialization.
The Forest Guardian
A story of a man whose heart is the Forest
The Ghost Rainforest
Told from the perspective of indigenous activist Narubia Werreria, ‘The Ghost Rainforest’ follows a group of five indigenous leaders and activists from the Amazon, making an emotionally charged and once in a lifetime journey to a little known and desperately rare temperate rainforest habitat in Scotland.
The Thin Green Line
In 1974, war broke out in Cyprus between Turkish and Greek forces. After months of conflict, the island was divided in two by a 10 km wide demilitarized zone, its' cities abandoned, its’ homes emptied.
Trees For Tamarins
Here, they’re called titís—squirrel-sized monkeys that live nowhere else in the world than this corner of Colombia.

Noctiluca - Maarten van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal

Science predicts corals are doomed in the ocean of the future. But an example from Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean provides a glimmer of hope.

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