HOW to watch & WHAT is ‘pay-as-you-feel’?
Watch films free/pay-as-you-feel by unlocking an All Access Pass. Alternatively, browse our catalogue and select films & curations for Rs 100 ($1.20). ✊🏽🌏🎬 What is pay-as-you-feel? Our catalogue is free to ensure equitable & widespread access. If you can afford to pay for films, we ask that you do so. We recommend Rs. 1,000 ($12) or more.

International Features

Planet Soil
The Recycling Myth
Into The Ice
Patrick and the Whale
Eulogy for the Dead Sea
Space Trash
Razing Liberty Square

International Shorts

Between Earth & Sky
The Mangrove Family
Lethal Shopping
Chao Carbon

Indian Features

Changing Landscape
Morisika: The Story of the Boatman
Bhed Chal (Herd Walk)

Indian Shorts

Mau: The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw
Mulsotan  - The Rooted
Mol (Worth)
The Good Ocean
All Day and All of the Night
Fight with Care
Tiger Army

Animated Films

The Egret River
The Sprayer
The Floating World
Once There Was A Sea…

Student Films

Finding Solo
Feeling the Apocalypse
All Flesh is Grass
Little Things