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We are about to take the biggest turn in the history of our dealings with nature and our soil. We have to. Farmers must change, consumers must live more sensibly, industry must change. But how do we tackle that? How do we learn to deal more sensibly with our soil? Planet Soil shows what needs to be done on a grand scale by focusing on the world around us and the fascinating world right under our feet. It is actually quite extraordinary that every day we look over the nature that forms the basis of our existence on earth. It is that nature that allows us to retain and purify water, where we can store our carbon, where we can work on natural pest control and recycle nutrients. Vital soil is essential for making food production sustainable and helps us fight climate change. With Planet Soil we want every person to marvel at the extraordinary life you encounter just under your feet. Because what do we really know about our soil? High time for a film focusing on soil life. In recent decades, people have increasingly been 'uprooted' from nature. As a result, many people feel a deep sense of loss and alienation. This film puts us humans back on earth. Literally and figuratively. The film tells the story and development of a group of city dwellers who set out to realize a dream on a small piece of land, just outside the big city. A number of characters live and work in the yard. In addition, guests, both children and adults, regularly come to help or watch. In the yard, we can see a transformation from a nature that we have started to neglect to nature that establishes itself, with a little help from us humans. Nature near the busy city comes back to life bit by bit in the film. The group embarks on an experiment: they want to 'transform' a piece of farmland with a monoculture of English ryegrass into a productive vegetable garden - and the big question is: will it work! Not just at the garden but all around, animals, birds and insects suddenly return. The micro-world also gets a boost. From there, through the soil, the viewer learns how wondrous and ingenious underground life is. It shows how resilient and resourceful nature is. We learn to see that we just need to help the soil a little. And above all, listen to what that soil has to say to us. We humans are not separate from nature, we are nature. It is about rewilding the soil. Nature does the work itself. We only have to help.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
    Dutch, English
  • Country
  • Premiere
    India Premiere
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Mark Verkerk
  • Screenwriter
    Ignas van Schaick, Koos de Wilt
  • Producer
    Ignas van Schaick
  • Cast
    Marc van Will
  • Cinematographer
    Sam Reitsma, Maarten Slooves, Wim van Egmond, Simone Brandt, Rene Heijnen, Dieuwertje Smolenaars
  • Editor
    Mark Verkerk, Sam Reitsma, Helen Delachaux
  • Animator
  • Production Design
    Mark Verkerk
  • Composer
    Eric Blom, Rene Meister
  • Sound Design
    Jaim Sahuleka
  • Music
    Bear Project