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Biopixels explores the world of evolutionary biology on the microscopic scale. Using the latest light microscope technology, butterfly wings become micro-mosaics. Butterflies and moths comprise 12% of all species known to man (180,000 species!), and their seemingly endless biodiversity is visually translated on their wings through colour and pattern variation. The images in this film have not been altered but were animated to demonstrate both subtle and dramatic evolutionary development and variation.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States of America
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  • Director
    Kristina Dutton
  • Producer
    Kristina Dutton, Arnaud Martin
  • Filmmaker
    Kristina Dutton
  • Cast
    1000s of butterflies and moths
  • Editor
    Brandon McFarland
  • Animator
    Brandon McFarland
  • Composer
    Kristina Dutton, Nate Kinsella
  • Music
    Kristina Dutton, Nate Kinsella