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Dil Dariya Khawab Samander (My Heart is an Ocean)

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As the water recedes on the reclaimed shore of Mumbai every evening, children living on its shore in a small fishing ghetto come out to play on this temporary playground. The sea dictates the game of the day. On a lucky day when herons are spotted hovering over the sea, it's a day to catch fish in shallow waters. One evening after the fish are caught, Chirag declares that he wants to take all the fish home to build the biggest aquarium anyone has ever seen. This leads to a fight among playmates. In the days that follow, the three friends try to keep their fish alive in order to prove that they deserve to take the fish home, too. But Chirag with his dream to make the biggest aquarium finds a way to make it anyway.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
    Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi
  • Country
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Tanvi Jadwani
  • Screenwriter
    Tanvi Jadwani
  • Producer
    Tanvi Jadwani, Faraz Khan
  • Cinematographer
    Srijan Chaurasia
  • Editor
    Rajan Singh
  • Production Design
    Tanvi Jadwani
  • Sound Design
    Ayan De