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The Last Seed focuses on broad themes relating to the state of food and agriculture in Africa in the 21st century. Placing the struggle over the control of seed at the centre, it explains the processes that have led to this moment in human history and what it would take to interact with the planet in a way that does not threaten the very basis of life on earth. The film raises two fundamental questions — what have we lost, and who can show us a better way? —and answers these questions using music, dance, moving visuals and the lived experiences and stories of African small-scale food producers. Experts outline the extent of the corporate capture crisis, explaining the underlying science, politics and economics in simple terms, punctuated by vibrant animations. Agroecological farmers from various African nations give testimony on the sustainability and adaptability of their agricultural practices and share morsels of wisdom worth exploring. The film ends on an upbeat note as Senegalese women rise up, determined to protect their seeds and indigenous knowledge for future generations.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
    English, Swahili, French, Jola
  • Country
    South African, Senegal, Tanzania
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Andréa Gema
  • Screenwriter
    Andréa Gema
  • Producer
    Jan Urhahn, Refiloe Joala
  • Executive Producer
    Rosa Luxemburg
  • Filmmaker
    Andréa Gema
  • Cinematographer
    Nick Burton Moore
  • Editor
    Luke Housdon
  • Composer
    Gean Burrel
  • Music
    Gean Burrel