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Mau: The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw
Mau visually documents ritual folklore, performance and Cheraw (Bamboo dance), revealing the forgotten histories of why Bamboo dance was performed, and what connections exist between the human and non-human through Bamboo in Mizoram.
The Egret River
A man and an egret lose their secret field and then decide to find a new one.
Finding Solo
Finding Solo follows Malaysian filmmaker, Myles Storey, as he returns home in search of Solo, a white-handed gibbon believed to be the last of his kind in an isolated forest.
Patrick and the Whale
An inspiring and engaging tale of Patrick Dykstra and a sperm whale, “Dolores.”
Eulogy for the Dead Sea
As the longest occupation in modern history ensues, the Dead Sea, a sacred body of water in the lowest place on earth becomes a site where a politically-driven environmental disaster threatens a once flourishing environment.
The Sprayer
A tyrannical government forbids green plants, but when a soldier finds a plant sprouting from the earth, his humanity sparks something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary.
The Mangrove Family
In Kerala, a family continues their father's extraordinary mangrove conservation legacy, resulting in greater protection for coastal communities from extreme weather events.
Lethal Shopping
Jonás will pursue his happiness no matter the cost.
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Biopixels uses the latest microscope technology to explore evolutionary biology through the wings of butterflies.
Mulsotan - The Rooted
For three long decades, the Vasava tribal community of south Gujarat has been engaged in a non-violent struggle to maintain their land and forest rights.
Mol (Worth)
Mol 'मोल(Worth)' is an ethnographic history of the waste picker movement in Pune, told through individual stories of empowerment, transformation and resilience.
The Good Ocean
In an attempt to protect the Goan coastline by elevating it, ecologist and entrepreneur Gabriella D'cruz partners with a prominent restaurant in Mumbai, Masque.
Chao Carbon
Mr. Aes Gener is a greedy mega-entrepreneur of the energy industry that makes dirty business in Chile.
All Day and All of the Night
The film is about the relationship that a 13-year old girl has with water while living next to Ahmedabad’s largest landfill, Pirana
Joy, a young forest ranger, combines the education of her two children with her commitment to protect the only family of mountain gorillas in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda.
Fight with Care
The expanding industrial infrastructure on Chennai's coast threatens the fragile ecology of Ennore-Pulicat wetlands. These wetlands protect Chennai from floods and their fertile waters sustain diverse artisanal fishing villages. Fight with Care brings you the voices of fisherwomen who maintain this delicate ecosystem through everyday acts of care.
This Mortal Plastik
A personal dive into the world’s most impersonal substance: plastics.
Beautiful Poison
After discovering the orange rivers in a former coal town poisoned by iron oxide, one artist has an unorthodox idea: to extract the chemical and transform it into pigment for paint.
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Tiger Army
A story of the foot-soldiers protecting tigers in the Sundarbans in India.
Building specialized drones, rovers, laser cannons, and exploding tortoise shells, biologist Tim Shields is waging an all-out technological war against ravens in a last ditch effort to save the Mojave desert tortoise from extinction.
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Path of the Panther
Drawn in by the haunting specter of the Florida panther, a wildlife photographer unites veterinarians, ranchers, conservationists, and Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of an accelerating battle between forces of renewal and destruction that have pushed the Everglades to the brink of ecological collapse.
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Older Than Trees
Older than Trees is a film about hope for the future of sharks and rays. It speaks to the captivating, enigmatic nature of sharks, but also the fragility of their crucial place in our oceans, despite millennia of stability. The loss of a deep personal connection to individual sharks spurs the desire to make a difference, taking a path of science towards conservation.
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Aravali - The Lost Mountains
The Aravali mountains are the oldest fold mountains in world and are being decimated by the mining activites in the region. This story is a balanced examination of the environmental, health and economic concerns around mining.
Changing Landscape
An agrarian village which is affected by stone quarrying over 2 decades.
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Wild Hope: Coffee for Water
A national park grows coffee to save a rainforest—and safeguard the communities and wildlife that depend on it.
From Dreams to Dust
Pola is a nickel miner and family man from Indonesia. The mineral nickel is a key component in electric cars, a supposedly sustainable technology paid for by Pola and his village.
Morisika: The Story of the Boatman
Morisika: The Story of the Boatman traces the personal histories of 8 lives that are intertwined with the river during the 19th, 20th and 21st century set against the backdrop of politicised and natural events.
Dil Dariya Khawab Samander (My Heart is an Ocean)
Three children in Mumbai's fishing village ghettos have to deal with the conflict when one child's aspirations threaten the others' daily games.
Kohora River
The Karbi tribe of Assam believes that nature is god and all rivers, streams, and living - non-living things are protected by deities, but now the river is disappearing from their lives.
Bhed Chal (Herd Walk)
Amidst changing paradigms and new aspirations, two Nomadic shepherds walk across India’s oldest landscapes to keep alive the last connect between the civil and the wild.
Machi (Fish)
A beautiful poem about where tradition and biodiversity meet.
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For Tomorrow Paradise Arrives
Trash is piling up worldwide. To save the environment and the future of their children, young mothers have decided to find food for their family from supermarket trash bins.
Mhari Topali Ma Baans Bhamori
The film follows a bunch of people from Ratanpur village foraging for wild oyster mushrooms in the forest by the river Narmada, capturing their deep connection with the abundance and the mysteries of the wild.
The Floating World
After being transported into a 19th-century Edo painting, a university student discovers everyday sustainable practices from history to bring home to modern Japan.
Once There Was A Sea…
In the footsteps of the vanished Aral Sea, whose memory still haunts the inhabitants of a small Uzbek town. A film about the consequences of human decisions, and how they can affect daily life.
The Last Seed
The Last Seed focuses on broad themes relating to the state of food and agriculture in Africa in the 21st century.
Hidden away in a corner of Rajasthan, a tribe live in harmony with their resident leopards.
No Water No Village
Can India's highest villages survive without snow?
The Whaler
Why is illegal whale hunting still being allowed in Iceland?
Between The Rains
A childhood caught up in tribal expectations and the looming threat of climate change
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Mau: The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw is a performance documentary film from Mizoram, through Cheraw (Bamboo dance)and ritual folklore, revealing the forgotten memory of the story of the mother who dies at childbirth. The film shows a re-imagined dance of the mother spirit. Bamboo Dance was performed as a way to pacify the soul of the mother who died in childbirth. Bamboo is part of the geo-political history of Mizoram and the many other states in the North-east of India.Hence the loss of this intergenerational maternal memory is the crisis of climate and the culture of a place. This film is part of a series of upcoming films about human and non-human relationships in North-East India at the backdrop of the crisis of climate.

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