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With a wingspan of over 5 feet, the Great Hornbill is almost impossible to miss - and its call unmistakable. Even if you're a long distance away from this bird as it flies/glides above, you will definitely hear its distinctive wingbeat and/or call, and that's your cue to keep your eyes peeled to the sky.

The Great Hornbill is the largest of the nine species of hornbills found in India, and is also the state bird for both Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh. They inhabit the Himalayan foothills, parts of Northeast India, and the Western Ghats. This film looks at their presence in the Sahyadris in Maharashtra.

The Habitats Trust and MahaMTB present the pioneering first-ever Marathi language video series, the 'Species and Habitats Awareness Programme'. This episode is part of a whopping 100-episode undertaking by MahaMTB, supported by The Habitats Trust, to showcase lesser-known forest and marine species in their habitats.

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  • Director
    Akshay Mandavkar
  • Screenwriter
    Akshay Mandavkar
  • Producer
    The Habitats Trust
  • Executive Producer
    Roshni Nadar Malhotra Rushikesh Chavan Kiran Shelar
  • Co-Producer
    Mumbai Tarun Bharat
  • Filmmaker
    Akshay Mandavkar
  • Cinematographer
    Ketan Vaidya Suraj Bangal