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Penthong of Wui village, Khiamniungan tribe, Nagaland believes in a different kind of adventure sport - climbing cliffs to hunt for honey. But this is a tradition that doesn't have many followers left, and he may soon be the last of the honey hunters. Scale the cliffs with him in this film.

This film is a part of Stories from the Ground: Northeast, a new film series by The Habitats Trust and Dusty Foot Productions. The series travels through the north-eastern states collecting 50 shorts shot by local filmmakers to bring stories rooted in the culture, traditions, and biodiversity of the region.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
    Wui dialect
  • Country
  • Subtitle Language
  • Director
    Chentei Khiamniungan
  • Screenwriter
    Chentei Khiamniungan
  • Producer
    The Habitats Trust
  • Executive Producer
    Rita Banerji Imrana Khan Roshni Nadar Malhotra Rushikesh Chavan
  • Co-Producer
    Dusty Foot Production
  • Cinematographer
    Chentei Khiamniungan
  • Editor
    Chentei Khiamniungan
  • Animator
    Tallo Anthony Ashutosh Guru
  • Sound Design
    Chentei Khiamniungan
  • Music
    Yamtsuthong. P