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The Plastic Bag Store
A darkly comedic, sometimes tender story of how the overabundance of plastic waste we leave behind might be misinterpreted by future generations.
Ek Tha Gaon
In the Himalayan foothills, an 80- year- old woman and a 19-year-old girl are two of the seven remaining inhabitants of an abandoned village. The two women struggle with the choice to leave for an alienating city life or continue living in a lonely village.
A Short Film About Ice
A film-poem documenting the journey of a cinematographer through the fragile landscapes of the Arctic.
Gunduribari is a tribal village nestled in the forests of the Nayagarh district of Orissa. Harassed by the timber mafia for teak for decades, the women of the village decide to take matters into their own hands to save their forests.
The Golden Land
Action is the best defense.
Scream For Ice
The Sun shines, ice melts. A polar bear on its own. A child cries out ah!
The Roar of The Marañon
The Marañón River is threatened, and a wave of opposition raises its voice.
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Total Disaster
Trickster environmental activists pretending to be oil behemoth Total stage a satirical press conference to introduce "RéHabitat," a plan to rescue animals from the East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France.
Nest 38
A pair of Banded Dotterels (New Zealand Plovers) attempt to defy the odds to raise their chicks on a surprisingly hostile New Zealand beach.
A Sacred Oasis at the Cusp of Change
Orans of Rajasthan: A Sacred Oasis at the Cusp of Change
One should have to fight against any bad situation.
My Neighbour is a Bear
A rare Marsican bear family wanders down from the Italian Apennines to the charming village of Villalago, in search of food in the local orchards
The Fourfold
Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, an exploration of the indigenous worldview and wisdom.
A man and his daughter are used to living in harmony and peace with nature, but some disruptions change their lovely little life.
ACROSS emptiness
An adventure through an almost imaginary alpine dimension to discover the different meanings of emptiness.
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By the power plant ( Röster om vår tid)
Thoughts about life close to power plants.
Chidiya, Pujara aur Solah Rala Chor (The Bird, the Priest and the Sixteen Millet Thieves)
A documentary about the dwindling cultivation practice of Foxtail millet and its associated folklore in the indigenous communities of Central India.
Colonies in Conflict
Concerned about pollinator decline, a filmmaker follows, for the first time ever, migratory giant Asian honeybees to uncover how human progress is driving native bee species to the point of no return.
Coming Home - Back to the wild
Join four animals on their brave yourney to reconquer their once lost home.
Discover Wonder: The Octopus Garden
Journey from the decks of a high-tech exploration vessel into the uncharted depths of Monterey National Marine Sanctuary and witness the discovery of one of the rarest and deepest fertile octopus brooding colonies on the planet.
Galathea Bay: Will the World's Largest Sea Turtle Return to Nest in India?
Galathea Bay: Will the World's Largest Sea Turtle Return to Nest in India?
Ghost Ponds
A grassroots movement seeks to reverse biodiversity loss by recovering a lost feature of the landscape... ghost ponds.
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Green Nettle
Green Nettle is a project that produces sustainable eco-material from large stinging nettles grown on the beautiful slopes of Mount Kenya.
I'm Yet to See the Mountain
Will the forest only appear in our dreams?
Into Dust
The extraordinary true story of Perween Rahman, a woman who worked tirelessly to protect the rights of Pakistan’s poor, who paid the ultimate price.
Lantana Management & Grassland Development
The film showcases one of the successful restoration stories of Lantana Management and Grassland Development in Laldhang Grassland (Jhirna Zone) of Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand.
MOZAMBIQUE, where the mango tree used to be
MOZAMBIQUE, where the mango tree used to be centers around the effects of climate change on small communities in rural and remote areas of Mozambique.
Mamody, the last baobab digger
In the southwest of Madagascar, the inhabitants of the small village of Ampotaka found a unique solution to store water.
Neighbird: A Documentary on Urban Wildlife
Finding nature in the most unexpected places.
Oil and Water
Women of Northern Kenya mobilize against land exproriation
Planktonium is a short film about the secret universe of living microscopic plankton, invisible to the naked eye.
Rat Trap
A film on the rat-hole miners risking their lives for livelihood
Revival of Manas
Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society reviving the Manas National Park in Assam.
Snakes & Snakebite in the Northeast
An exploration of the snakebite situation in Northeast India, and of possible solutions for mitigation and management.
Stink Bug - Edible Insects of Nagaland
The film explores the culture of entomophagy in Nagaland, India.
Sungai Utik - The Fight for Recognition
A story of a customary community, that for decades have fought to protect their forest from logging and their fight for legal recognition.
The Bat Man and Woman of India
Researchers Bhargavi and Chelmala Srinivasulu have been called the Bat Woman and Bat Man of India. Their chiropteran-infused love has guided their passion for finding, studying and helping protect bat species all over India. Now these researchers are on a mission to save India’s critically endangered bats together.
The Caretakers
Beetles are some of the most important animals on the planet - they're worth saving, but what happens if they disappear?
The Keepers of Corn
Los Guardianes del Maíz/ Keepers of the Corn (director Gustavo Vazquez) presents the story of native corn told by the indigenous farmers, artisans and cooks in Mexico whose ancestors shepherded the ever-evolving seeds from the dawn of agriculture into the 21st Century – a story of collective labor spanning more than 350 generations. Their voices are joined by community leaders, scientists, chefs, and others whose knowledge and activism stand not only in defense of food sovereignty and the genetic integrity, diversity, and community ownership of native seeds, but in defense of a durable cultural legacy and a way of life. In Spanish, Zapotec and Chinantec with English subtitles (Vazquez & Barbieri, 2020, 60 min.).
The Trees With Orange Rings
When the swallows fly away
In a small rural village, a young boy befriends Fernand and Andrée, a farm er couple who, at 80 years old, find themselves at trouble feeding their remaining livestock.
Wild You Were Sleeping
A journey into the life of the Hoolock Gibbons
Wonders of the World
An animated nature documentary focused around a small creature trying to find love
The poetic relationship, between the ancient ritual of Zenerù and the life of the hermit Flaminio, makes us reflect on the border between domestic and wild, between known and unknown.
[Emptiness crossing us]
Two hundred and seventy-two people were buried in toxic mud from the Vale mining company in Brumadinho (MG), Brazil in 2019. Emptiness now crosses the way of those who try to carry on without their beloved ones.

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“ACROSS emptiness” is the story of an authentic Dolomitic crossing made by a group of splitboarders and ski mountaineers into the alpine void created by the closure of the ski resorts during the winter of 20/21 after the impact of the pandemic. A journey capable of creating the background for a comparison between the emptiness of wild areas and the emptiness left by highly anthropized ones. An opportunity to question the future of alpine valleys, the ski monoculture and the fundamental role of the outdoor community in environmental activism.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
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  • Director
    Luca Albrisi
  • Producer
    Alessandra Tanas
  • Filmmaker
    Luca Albrisi, Matteo Pavana
  • Cast
    Simone Barberi, Luca Dalpez, Manuel Zambanini, Luca Albrisi, Elisa Bessega, Matteo Pavana
  • Editor
    Milind Chhabra
  • Sound Design
    Shobhit Jain