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Due to climate change, ski seasons will be markedly shorter by 2050. Lower elevations will receive significantly less snowfall. Professional skiers Greg Hill & Chris Rubens peer into the future and have a conversation with their future selves, contemplating the sobering forecast and the impact their thirst for adventure has on the very environment that sustains and fulfills them. With an eye on the clock, they launch themselves into an experiment: can they each remain committed skiers while significantly reducing their carbon footprints?

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Director
    Jordan Manley and Danny Irvine
  • Screenwriter
    Jordan Manley and Danny Irvine
  • Producer
    Jordan Manley, Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello, Laura Yale, Mike Gamble
  • Executive Producer
    Bruno Bertrand and Benjamin Aidan
  • Co-Producer
    Susie Douglas
  • Cast
    Chris Rubens and Greg Hill
  • Cinematographer
    Jordan Manley
  • Sound Design
    Jeff Yellen