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An environmentalist and animal rights activist whose care for nature and concerns for water shortage is unique in his own way. He has chosen to live away from the city and people, however, after each visit to the city he collects all the recyclable and usable items namely plastic bottles, worn and abandoned tires on the roadsides and in nature. His job is to grow tomatoes, vegetables, and use the garden trees, grapes, and even roses that he grows and earns a living from that.

But perhaps his strangest difference with the rest of the gardeners in the world is his home in which he lives - a building with dilapidated TVs, cell phones. The appearance of the walls and putting the TVs under mud can be a reason for hatred and avoidance, however, he takes shelter inside the same building which shows a contrast that mankind faces these days.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    20 minutes
  • Country
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Director
    Jamshid Farajvand Fard
  • Screenwriter
    Jamshid Farajvand Fard
  • Producer
    Jamshid Farajvand Fard
  • Cast
    Kak Iraj