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🌟 Below the Belt: A Film to Change Endometriosis 🌟

In partnership with PELI HEALTH - Your Pelvic Power Partner

Endometriosis affects approximately 1 in 10 women globally, causing debilitating pain. Yet, it remains widely unrecognized culturally and medically.

Enter Shannon Cohn, creator, and director of "Below the Belt," a groundbreaking documentary aiming to change the narrative. Through the compelling stories of four patients in pursuit of answers to mysterious symptoms, this film sheds light on systemic problems within our healthcare systems.

Endometriosis affects around 200 million people globally, with an average diagnosis delay of 10 years. Women of color face even greater challenges in diagnosis and treatment. "Below the Belt" sparks urgent conversations about these injustices and calls for systemic change.

This documentary is for EVERYONE. Join us in this event, in partnership with Peli Health, dedicated to improving pelvic wellness for over 40 million women and AFAB individuals facing pelvic floor dysfunction. Discover how millions with endometriosis are silenced, exposing societal taboos, gender bias, misinformed doctors, and profit-driven healthcare. 

📅 Event Details:

  • Virtual on-demand screening
  • Film Length: Appox: 60 minutes 
  • Available from December 1st at 6:30 pm ET to December 3rd at 11:59 pm ET

Peli Health is covering the cost of the first 50 tickets. After which an additional 50 tickets will be made available at $12 each. All proceeds from the tickets go towards Below the Belt and their Action Plan for education initiatives in schools and universities, including medical schools. 

More About the Film: 

In the personal and inspiring stories of four patients, "Below the Belt" reveals the challenges within our healthcare systems. From societal taboos to gender bias, misinformed doctors, and profit-driven healthcare, the film shows how millions are silenced and how they can change healthcare for all women.

What people are saying: 

  • “Below the Belt aims to revolutionize the status quo so that people with endometriosis get what we deserve—the right to live healthy, informed, fulfilling lives.” –Executive Producer Rosario Dawson
  • “You will be blown away by the courage the women possess in this film.” - Jamie Foxx, actor

More About Peli Health: 

In the United States alone, 40 million women and AFAB individuals face pelvic floor disorders, often shrouded in stigma and secrecy. At Peli Health, we're on a mission to disrupt the norm and make pelvic care an integral part of everyday self-care routines.

Join us in redefining pelvic health—making it not only powerful but also easily accessible and transformational. Every woman and AFAB individual deserves a happier, healthier life. Together, we can ensure they harness the pelvic power they rightfully deserve. Be part of our commitment to enhancing well-being, one step at a time.

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In the personal & inspiring stories of four patients urgently searching for answers to mysterious symptoms, Below the Belt exposes widespread problems in our healthcare systems.

Through the lens of endometriosis, the film shows how women are often dismissed, discounted & disbelieved. From societal taboos and gender bias to misinformed doctors and profit-driven healthcare, the film reveals how millions are effectively silenced and how, by fighting back, they can change healthcare for all women.


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    United States
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  • Director
    Shannon Cohn
  • Producer
    Shannon Cohn
  • Executive Producer
    Hillary Clinton, Rosario Dawson, Corinne Foxx, Mae Whitman
  • Cinematographer
    Patricio Cohn
  • Editor
    Chris Seward