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Motherhood: a subject so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our society we take it for granted as part of the natural order. It's assumed that all women want children–that motherhood is not only a biological imperative but the defining measure of womanhood. Titled after one of the myths it challenges, this entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking film draws upon a heady mix of culture, science, and history to reveal the rich lives of a diverse group of people saying no to having children–and the forces that have marginalized them in society.

Programmer Notes:

I've never known of a film about women who choose not to have children--high time. --We can’t have enough subversive narratives like this one when it comes to women’s choices. A comprehensive doc that's as funny and entertaining as it is gloriously frustrating.

About the Director:

Therese Shechter is an award-winning filmmaker and speaker, and the founder of the Brooklyn-based production company Trixie Films. Her work fuses humor, activism, and personal storytelling to disturb what's considered most sacred about womanhood. Her previous films, including How To Lose Your Virginity (2013) and I Was A Teenage Feminist (2007), have screened from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul to Seoul, and her work is in the collections of over 300 universities, non-profits, and libraries. In her spare time, Therese co-created and co-hosted the podcast Downton Gabby, a 'funny, feminist and foul-mouthed' dissection of every episode (and movie) of the TV phenomenon Downton Abbey.

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Film Contact:

Contact Therese Shechter

Email: therese@trixiefilms.com


Instagram & Twitter: @trixiefilms

Facebook: facebook.com/mysocalledselfishlife

  • Runtime
    78 minutes
  • Director
    Therese Shechter