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Who would have thought certain animals and forests do more for us than we could ever imagine! Captivating and educational stories of the bison, the harpy eagle and an old growth forest, and how their well being and our survival correlate.

Indigenous-led conservation efforts aim to bring back the endangered Harpy Eagle to the remote Darién Gap rainforest in Panamá. The Emberá tribal community of Playa Muerto live here, in one of the last untouched rainforests in Central America, the only break in the 30,000-mile Pan-American Highway, which passes through 14 countries as it winds from Alaska to Argentina. The film is an exploration of a renewed relationship between the tribe and the great raptor, in the face of threats to the species and its ecosystem from deforestation and encroachment from loggers.

About the Director:

Daniel Byers is the Director of Skyship Films. As a documentary filmmaker, he's tracked cartels along the rivers of Honduras, chased the elusive snow leopard through the mountains of Afghanistan, and rafted through the icebergs of glacial lakes in the shadow of Everest. His documentary films have been featured at numerous international festival screenings, events, and museums including the Smithsonian, Dallas Museum of Art, UN Climate Change Conferences, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival, and International Wildlife Film Festival.

Film Contact:

Marga Varea:

@HarpyEagleDoc on FB

  • Runtime
    22 minutes
  • Language
    Spanish and Embera
  • Country
  • Premiere
    Bend Premiere
  • Director
    Daniel Byers