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Clear Cut
The description of the location that the figure walks through is vastly different than its current state.
My Home Is (⠍⠽⠀⠓⠕⠍⠑⠀⠊⠎)
A homesick tribute to the fertile swamps, swaying palm fronds, and fond descriptions of the filmmaker's Florida home, this film is alive with evocative language of the land's humid spirit.
Cue' Yoo / La pared / The Wall
A photographic interpretation of Irma Pineda's poem "Cue' Yoo / La pared (The Wall)" that emphasizes how emotion etches itself on our memories, creating narratives that seep beyond expected boundaries of time and space. Translated to English by Wendy Call.
How to build everything you hoped for
Instructions for building the perfect place to live.
Blueprints. 10,3 m
We are perpetually amidst a flux of sounds – outer and inner, personal and learned, private and public – that form us and are formed by us. In what sense, in what form can a space – in our very case: a lonely, leftover one – preserve sounds and voices? The polyphony of past, present, and future converge through poetry and song.
On The Road
In a world of constant motion, whether our movements are inspired or incidental, we must be reminded to occasionally find out what we might find in stillness.
Word II: Ars Poetica
A genuinely hypnotic experience, this video poem vibrates in harmony with the painted skin of its central figure, whose undulating dance reaches the ocean near the border of Tijuana and San Diego. Arriving in the surf, at sunset, the dance and poem plumb deeply felt and embodied wells of spiritual power, potential, and belonging.
soft ground
soft ground dwells lovingly on the smells and sensations of a walk through a deep bed of fallen leaves.
I Woke Up in the Morning
Moving from total silence in the populous cityscape of Boston to a poem read over the emptiness of the Chihuahuan Desert, the structure of this film mirrors its narrated themes. It is a meditation on how our capacity for reflection is always at odds with the time and space we find ourselves in. We are further from the people and feelings we wish to be closer to; more able to articulate our longing for them when we least expect it, and often when it is too late.
Gaps assesses the human tendency to fill time, even at the expense of hardening undesired habits of attention, rather than accepting it as the rare gift that it is.
Ordered thematically by the four elements, this series of reflections on the beauty of natural and social life becomes a poem that confidently bridges personal and planetary matters.

This video poetry showcase exists at the boundaries of sensation. Some pieces use borders as backdrops, others skim inner and outer landscapes, and all are in limbo between physical and psychoacoustic perception. Politics of the body, belonging, disabilities, and dreams reveal the poetry of what lies just beyond the precipice.

(47 min TRT)

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soft ground dwells lovingly on the smells and sensations of a walk through a deep bed of fallen leaves.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    1 minutes
  • Language
    English, with hardcoded English text and English captions
  • Country
  • Premiere
    West Coast Premiere
  • Note
    Poet: Indigo Eli
  • Director
    Indigo Eli
  • Producer
    Indigo Eli