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Midnight Whispers
In a world where poetry is an illegal substance, a dealer roams around an estate receiving cash in exchange for whispering lines of illicit verse into her customers' ears.
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An animated poetic retelling of Adam & Eve's story.
Exiles (Exils)
"Exiles" is a conversation with oneself when the ground slips away beneath our feet. A forced journey, when we would rather remain grounded by our roots; the refusal of an imposed destiny, out of home. A dreamlike vision of a home-island that we cling to; our asylum from chaos.
The Racist Bone
Poet and Cave Canem co-founder Cornelius Eady performs "The Racist Bone," exploring the subtle and straightforward aspects of racism through the lens of the classic B-movie.
Bubble Hat
Through the lens of an outsider estranged from urban life, "Bubble Hat" is an evocative poetry film that delves into the sense of alienation birthed from the frantic hustle of an automated, fast-paced culture.
When I Was Clandestine (Cuando Fui Clandestino)
Juan Garrido Salgado immigrated to Australia from Chile in 1990, fleeing the regime that burned his poetry, imprisoned him, and tortured him for his political activism. "My verse is born by the nights of the curfew... when I was clandestine."
Walk One Mile
Incarcerated high school students ask you to "walk one mile... just one, in my shoes."
The Light That Burns Us
“GREECE, your light caught us by your E and burned us all the way to your G.” A poetry film against nationalism and the state of emergency in Greece.
Broken Arabic
A spoken word poem about the war within the diaspora child living between two continents, unable to fully give their condolences in the language of their grief.
Ossip & Marina - the forbidden words (Ossip e Marina - entre as linhas)
The life and the verses of Ossip Mandelstam and Marina Tsvetaeva incite us to use forbidden words – words that we cannot speak in public, or even to our loved ones.

Poetry has a history of getting people in trouble. Throughout time, poetry has been suppressed and poets persecuted for not writing the party line. This showcase gives voice to the outcasts and the cast out, the identity-torn seeking belonging, and the otherwise outlawed. By questioning the status quo and our place within it, these video poems reveal disruptive truths. To all poets who persist, who write rebellion, who reject silence and speak out—it can be dangerous, but we are many and poetry provides us refuge.

(76 min TRT)

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Header photo credit: The Light That Burns Us, dir. Jazra Khaleed, Silvia Tsompanaki

Showcase title credit: Eve, poet Meghan Plunkett, animator Miranda Javid

In a world where poetry is an illegal substance, a dealer roams around an estate receiving cash in exchange for whispering lines of illicit verse into her customers' ears. But when she runs out of material, she must find some fresh lines for her favourite customer before they meet again at midnight - or risk losing him forever.

💙 Honorable Mention for EXCEPTIONAL NARRATIVE 💙

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Subtitle Language
    with English subtitles
  • Director
    DIR. Baldwin Li // POEM Linxi Doël & Baldwin Li
  • Producer
    Baldwin Li
  • Cast
    Linxi Doël, Finn Wilson, Margot Leicester, Declan Coker
  • Cinematographer
    Samuel Robson
  • Editor
    Baldwin Li
  • Composer
    Isaac Albeniz
  • Sound Design
    Euan Toms