Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021

Kaleidoscope (Ages 3–6)

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15 films in package
Dog of My Dreams
What’s the stuff of dreams in this music video? A day at the beach, a ride on a bike, a sweet dog, and a delicious pickle.
Da Sola
A little one wants to do things on their own, but a big one wants to help. Finally, they find the best way of all — to do it together!
A huge sailor goes about his busy work on an ocean-bound ship. But when he gets a tiny present from a small girl, it reminds him of the most special place on dry land — his childhood home.
Snip, Snap, Snut and the Colours
In this colorful claymation, a group of friends must prove that the world is more beautiful with a rainbow full of colors.
Little Grey Wolfy: Fall Travelers
Little Grey Wolfy wants to go on a trip with the birds, to warm lands with no snow and where bears don’t have to sleep in wintertime. But how can they fly away, with no wings?
Despite having so many arms to point with, this neat-freak octopus has a hard time pointing out what someone else needs to tidy up.
The Musifants
In this music video, you’ll learn to count to eight in German as you blast off to outer space with an elephant, a bear, a chicken, and a little cactus.
A grumpy polar bear learns how much fun it can be to have a friend when a brown bear comes to visit him in the Far North.
The Kindergarten Show
An owl schoolmaster presides over the year-end kindergarten show, which goes horribly wrong in all the right ways.
The animals are afraid of the large and lonely Rhino, until he shows them through good deeds that he is worthy of their trust.
Patchwork Clam
Patchwork Clam is very shy. But her friends understand and find gentle ways to make her more comfortable in the play group.
The bears want to cook something they’ve never had before: wild truffles! But they’ll need the help of a boar baby and mama to help them out. Will they find the courage to ask?
Sockz Theatre's Little Speckled Frogs
Three little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs, ‘til one by one, they all took a bath.
Warm Star
A bird, busy tidying up the sky, accidentally drops a little star. Down on earth, children find it.
Georges the Magician
According to an old definition, a magician is a wise person. So we can all be magicians, and fly free, if we are brave enough.
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This international and very musical animation program is filled with stories of friendship and adventure that are alive with vibrant colors and music. Most films are nonverbal or in English, but all are gems of bright visual storytelling with an important message: our friends and family make the world go ’round, and with them by our sides, life is so much better!

For ages 3–6 and their parents

Total running time: 69 min.

Content advisory: In Leaf, an old-timey sailor briefly holds a unlit pipe in his mouth.

Three little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs, ‘til one by one, they all took a bath.

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    3 minutes
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    United States
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    West Coast
  • Director
    Christian Perry Castro, Eric Tsuchiyama