Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021

Friends and Fam (Ages 10+)

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9 films in package
Stay Away
This family-made movie shot during the pandemic shows how one girl stays home alone during the pandemic.
Monster Sitter
In a world where lake monsters exist, we follow the daily life of Giacomo Rosetti, who takes care of Isy, the monster of Lake Iseo.
Let's Play a Story: The Miser
While hanging out with her dad and toy Unicorn on a blanket in the park, a little girl realizes her dad has borrowed the money from her little purse. Together, they make up a story to explain how it happened.
A little girl’s dads want her to go to sleep. But first, she needs a biscuit.
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Piece of Me
An eight-year-old boy begins to lose his best friend, an elderly lady, as her memories fade away to Alzheimer’s. Determined to help, he embarks on a journey to rekindle the memories of their friendship.
The endlessly curious Talia defies her father to explore the world beyond her front garden. She discovers a special kinship with her next door neighbor, with whom she shares both peace and a similar sorrow.
Closed captions available
Summer Falls
Two best friends spend their last day together by journeying to watch the sunset before one of them moves to the countryside.
In the Shadow of the Pines
A little girl goes to a school where her father works as a janitor — something that embarasses her at the time. But when she looks back years later, she has a different view.
Deep in the depths of the Ardennes forest, a logger and his horse teach the lessons of their lives to an odd young girl.
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This collection of films – about friends both real and imaginary, as well as deep family love that is not always easy – is meant to tickle your funny bone and tug on your heartstrings.

For ages 10+

Total running time: 80 min.

Content advisory: Though all the films in this program are uplifting, some have content that explores emotions of loss, grief, and shame. The first film in the program, Stay Away, takes place during the pandemic when the main character is left happily at home. She briefly looks at a book about weight loss — a book topic CFFS does not recommend for children or for anyone, really. We are body positive!

A little girl’s dads want her to go to sleep. But first, she needs a biscuit.

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    4 minutes
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    United Kingdom
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    West Coast
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    in English with English subtitles and audio descriptions
  • Director
    Charlotte George