Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021

Radolescents! Films by Youth (Ages 8+)

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Film Forum Youth!
A reel showcasing visual storytelling made by youth at Northwest Film Forum in virtual camps and programs in 2020. Their creativity and determination shines through in these wild tales, thoughtful docs and bold experiments.
New Normal
A 10-year-old filmmaker tells the story of coping with sudden change around him, through before-times, lockdown and then the new normal that waits outside.
The Very Book
When children discover lost pages from a magic book, it is the start of a wild adventure that takes them to another world. This film was created by a group of children ages 8 to 12, who did not know or live close to one another.
Closed captions available
Making Sense
During a prolonged lockdown, this group of children made a film about the world around them — particularly the way that it felt to their touch.
Roger the Cat
When a mysterious cat appears, Roger — a floppy guy made of wires, with googly eyes — learns to believe in himself.
I'm Ready
15-year-old Lo is a smart and responsible teen who finds herself taking an interest in more than just her books... but how does she know she’s ready to date?
The Lost Adventure in a Claw Machine
Claw machines are fun for people of all ages, but what happens when you get too sucked into the magic of the machines?
The Butler and the Ball
When a lonely boy enters a contest to become the new butler of a grieving, reclusive singer, he finds himself in a world of adventure.
A Letter from Sumatra
A rhino named Jeff tells a tale about how Sumatra Rhinos save each other, but still need humans to change their ways and come to the rescue so that they can survive.
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These films, made in Seattle and around the world, show off the creative chops of young documentarians and storytellers, celebrating their range from streamlined, economical filmmaking to extravagant exploration of their craft.

For ages 8+

Total running time: 87 min.

Content warning: A Letter from Sumatra, an animated film, shows in a non-graphic way how humans have treated rhinos so cruelly that they have become endangered. I’m Ready is about making the choice to date.

Claw machines are fun for people of all ages, but what happens when you get too sucked into the magic of the machines?

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    10 minutes
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    English subtitles
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    Kids Unlimited Team, Public Television Service Foundation Film Camp