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The Child and the Goose
A child and a goose becoming friends find themselves embarking on a journey of adventure and freedom.
Al Tabbab
On the night of a full moon, a young boy sails with his father for the first time to learn a secret ritual of pearl trade with a frightful monster.
The Boy Who Would Become a Knight
With live action and stop motion animations, The Boy Who Would Become a Knight describes a moment of transition in the life of Luigi, a child from fourteenth-century Florence. A weaver's precious embroidered blanket brings to life the adventures of young Tristan, which inspire Luigi to take on the skills and code of knighthood.
Jump! is a tale of overcoming deep fears and learning that on the other side of any challenge is an experience that will strengthen your character and stay with you for a lifetime.
A sad little boy goes on about his sad little day. A bluebird flies into his life. Things start looking up. Joy follows them wherever they go. Then, suddenly... a dark turn down an unfamiliar path.
No Key to Poetry
Facing writer’s block, a resourceful young girl summons the powers of a chicken-pencil. Together, they embark upon a colored trip. Destination? Imagination.
Mora Mora
Floating in a vast sea on an old piano, little Mora discovers that its ivory keys have the power to conjure the wind. She uses the keyboard's magic to begin to navigate an eerie, emotional world, hoping to bring it back to life.
A Morning with Aroha
Aroha wants to share her creativity with her neighbours. Her imaginations come to life for everyone to enjoy.
Treasures Beneath My Tree
A child reconnects to her fondest memories through a box of treasures that she has kept beneath her tree throughout her life.
A father's kayak outing with his baby along a peaceful river turns out to be a real family adventure.

Watch kids from around the world embark on adventures of all kinds! From facing sea monsters to climbing trees, these characters can do anything they set their mind to.

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A child and a goose becoming friends find themselves embarking on a journey of adventure and freedom.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    8 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Jade Chastan, Alice Failla, Justine Hermetz, Sophie Lafleur, Vincent Lenne, Jérôme Ginestawhat