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This shorts program encourages us to take a moment to notice and appreciate another point of view or perspective. See the world through the eyes of another young person with hopes and dreams perhaps like yours.

For Ages 11-14 | 80 minutes | Presented in English, nonverbal, and original languages with English subtitles

Themes: Arts (music/dance/drama), Dare To Dream , immigration/refugee experience

Little Sahara

Those who do not know the Sahara think there is only sand in the desert. But in the desert there are children who play and draw and make movies, and who would like to not have to think about the war. In the desert there is a European colony, an occupied country called Western Sahara, where there are thousands of Sahrawi refugees living a hard life in exile. LITTLE SAHARA tells their story, the story of a supportive, resilient people who try to thrive and grow in the Hamada, where everything has a hard time growing.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    30 minutes
  • Language
    Arabic, Spanish
  • Country
  • Content Warning
    Separation/Loss, Mischief, Physical Conflict, Intense Situations, Depictions of War, Graphic Violence, Traumatic and/or Triggering Content, Guns and/or other Weapons
  • Note
    THEMES: Jewish/Arabic/Middle East Culture, World Religion/Tradition, Intergenerational/Youth and Elders or Parents
  • Director
    Emilio Martí López
  • Screenwriter
    Emilio Martí López
  • Producer
    Emilio Martí López