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At a key moment the protagonists in this program of shorts are faced with making an important decision. What choice would you make if you were put in the same position? 

For Ages 11-14 | 80 minutes | Presented in English, nonverbal, and original languages with English subtitles

Themes: Friendship, Saying sorry, Conflict Resolution, Technology, pay it forward/do the right thing/bravery, Coping/Behavioral Health, Family, SEL

Content Advisory: FLASHING lights in first short , language


LUCIAN (13) would like to fit in. He doesn’t want to be ridiculed, so he decides to go skiing for sports day, even though he can’t ski at all. One lie leads to another, and finally to a flurry of untruths that put Lucian in an unbearable situation he can’t escape from.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    23 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    North American Premiere
  • Content Warning
    Strong Language, Dangerous and/or Risk Taking Behavior, Teen/Adolescent Misconduct, Bullying
  • Note
    THEMES: Internet/Social Media Ethics, Peer Pressure, Recognizing Bullying Behaviors
  • Director
    August Adrian Braatz
  • Screenwriter
    August Adrian Braatz
  • Producer
    Ida Weiss