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Let's see some stories from around the world. Some stories are about adventure and finding you way. Other stories are about magic, mystery and make believe.

For Ages 6-8 | 67 minutes | Presented in English, nonverbal and original languages with English subtitles

Ryan’s World Ninja Adventures

Ryan and his family are playing ping pong when Ryan’s dad falls mysteriously ill! Ryan and his sisters must accompany a talking sword named Master Katana to the Ninja Realm to find the medicine that will cure their father. The group must navigate obstacle courses, do battle with Ninja Bears and Chickens, and outsmart Packrat, who wants the medicine all for himself! In the end, Ryan battles an entire, robotic Ninja Castle, piloted by Packrat. He succeeds, but finds he doesn’t have enough ninja power to return home. Master Katana heroically sacrifices his powers to send Ryan back. The medicine cures his dad, and Master Katana magically reappears, now in the form of a ping pong paddle! Game on!

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Kenji Itoso, Ryochimo
  • Screenwriter
    Yoichi Kato
  • Producer
    Shion Kaji, Loann Kaji, Nao Hirasawa