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This program of shorts focused on turning points. Between the ages of 11-14 so many things seem as confusing as they are clear. There are important moments that may lead to discovery and change. What do you think will happen next for the young people in these short films.

For Ages 11-14 | 80 minutes | Presented in English, nonverbal and original languages with English subtitles

Themes: Coming of age, Intergenerational/Youth and Elders or Parents, Making Friends/Friendship (SEL), Facing Fears 

Be Yourself, Enough!

Solveig, a 12 year old girl, falls in love with a fun and energetic guy from summer camp. But when she agrees to help him with a prank video, she soon finds herself entangled into a lie she doesn't want to be a part of. In her struggle to set things straight, she experiences the power of social pressure online. In the world of social media, we are all storytellers and free to construct whatever version of ourselves we want others to see. But how do we know when a correction of a video is okay and when do we cross the line into the manipulation of truth? This story explores how hard it can be to stay true to oneself in a world of multiple digital versions of our personality.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    16 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    Midwest Premiere
  • Note
    Cell phones, Internet/Social Media Ethics, Peer Pressure, Personal Qualities/Validation/Self Worth
  • Director
    Ola Martin Fjeld
  • Screenwriter
    Ola Martin Fjeld, Frida Homlung
  • Producer
    Kenneth Williams