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About Us / Despre noi
Maria (19) is about to leave her home and family in Romania, to study and work in Germany. The last days spent with her mother and friends make her see more clearly what she is leaving behind.
A tough thirteen-year-old girl struggles to keep her emotions in check, whether they concern her missing dog or the boy she likes.
A teenage film buff and a single woman in her forties meet each other. After seeing each other again, they realise that they have more in common than they could have ever imagined and form an unlikely connection.
Bits / Delčki
When his father arrives for a visit in a new truck, eleven-year-old Teo reaches a decision that changes his life forever.
Boredom / Nuda
Boredom follows the life of a young girl, Greta, who is a pathological liar. Using an unreliable narration of a story, she deceives not only the characters, but also the viewers. Her manipulative nature escalates into an absurd chain of events, after which Greta should be completely transformed. Except she isn’t.
Greetings from Nigeria / Pozdrav z Nigérie
When grandpa Emil gets an email from a Nigerian prince asking for financial help, he has no other choice (despite disapproval from the rest of the family) than to send him the money. The Nigerian prince promises not only his royal gratitude but also half of his heritage in return.
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Sisters / Sestre
Three best friends, sworn virgins, get into a fight with local boys. When things get rough, they are saved by a transgender girl.
The News
A newly married woman living with her in-laws discovers a corpse and the whole small town battles to get on national television.
The Penalty Shot / Kazneni udarac (Kazenski strel)
Two best friends spend an afternoon on a football field, dreaming of making it onto the local football team. But dreams come with a price: when a group of older boys interrupts their game, one of them will see it as an opportunity to prove himself, while the other senses something more sinister is at play.
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A young bride, tasked with trivial errands for her in-laws whilst her husband is in Greece, stumbles across a dead woman's body whilst fetching water from the fountain. Pushed to one side, the in-laws proceed to talk to the local news and lying about finding the body and revelling in the attention they're getting. A battle amongst the villagers to get coverage in the news ensues, and the actual crime itself becomes overshadowed. And the young bride covets the victim’s hair slide.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    23 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    Albania, Spain
  • Director
    Lorin Terezi