Cinema Femme Short Film Fest

Shorts Program 2: Before Midnight (Part One)

Expired May 5, 2023 4:45 AM
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This program is PART ONE of our Before Midnight program (AKA Midnight Program before Midnight). We’re excited about the trippy brilliance of these five filmmakers' work that come from all over the country.

Q&A with Shorts Program 2 filmmakers on April 29, 2023, 8 PM Central on our YouTube Channel.

Filmmaker Q&A moderated by Numa Perrier ("Jezebel", "Fuzzy Head")

An anthology fiction short where three men find themselves in vulnerable positions with three women. This comedic horror drops the audience in the middle of stories about the invisible labor that women perform every day, the labor that makes the world go round. The vignettes depict these particular men’s lack of awareness to what supports their sense of self and well-being, and thus revealing a blind spot: they can’t tell whether they’re being saved, destroyed, or replaced.

First, Anna saves Leo’s life. He is having a heart attack in a park and she administers CPR. He responds with a random act of violence. Her life, at a moment she was feeling herself, is interrupted by his need. In his state, he doesn’t compute that Anna has helped him. Instead of being thanked, she is harmed.

Second, Jason, an over-confident innocent, barrels obliviously through life. Striding into the middle of a murder scene: he demands a hair cut from Maya, mansplaining music and hairdressing as he goes, unaware of the dangerous women he’s bossing around…and whose well-being he has entrusted to. Is it enough to make Maya snap and claim a second victim that day?

Third, Paul is an adult baby and Emily is more than happy to indulge his kink. During their weekly bath, they work at negotiating a private world together. Their ritual is consensual and a mutual pleasure - she offers care and he receives it with gratitude. She draws a bath that is his ideal temperature, and she washes him expertly. How will he respond to the reveal that another male, an actual baby boy, is about to enter their lives and lay claim to the attention and love she has until now only lavished on him?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Claire Leona Apps
  • Screenwriter
    Claire Leona Apps
  • Producer
    Martina Silcock
  • Cast
    Kahyun Kim, Meera Rohit Kimbhani, Carly Turro