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Shorts Program 4: Before Midnight (Part Two)

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When a misfit teacher explores her taboo fantasies, she’s inspired to start a self-acceptance revolution.
On Chef Antonia’s birthday her estranged mother pays a surprise visit to the restaurant. Struggling with feeling abandoned by her Mum when her twin brother died ten years ago, Antonia imagines her brother urging reconciliation.
The Mark
Gracelyn has trained herself in witchcraft ever since being taunted by a group of girls in middle school and excluded from their "coven." Now in their twenties, one of those girls, Annie, brings her boyfriend by for a visit...carelessly unaware of Gracelyn's new powers.
An absurdist examination of female friendship, Helium explores various dynamics of intimacy over the course of a double date à la maison. Though each is equipped with a romantic partner for the night, Claire and Reagan find themselves drawn more strongly to the comfort of their own friendship than to their dates, leading to a rather dissociative evening.
Teenage sisters Eden and Lux navigate their competitive relationship over the course of a Halloween party filled with glitter, confrontation, and blackouts.
Grey Feather
Sarita is a young Cambodian girl meets and gets along with Sam, and Australian man who comes to settle down in Cambodia. Their love is very deep and beautiful. However, they have to challenge; to face it when it comes to their daily life, within their different background, culture and their believes. It’s time for them to understand themselves before they know which way they are going to choose.
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This program is PART TWO of our Before Midnight program (AKA Midnight Program before Midnight). All of these films surprise you and genre defy.

Q&A with Shorts Program 4 filmmakers on May 2, 2023, 3 PM Central on our YouTube Channel.

Filmmaker Q&A moderated by Ashley Shelton ("The Evening Hour", "Magnolia", and feature debut "Best Clowns" coming soon!)

When young and impressionable Lux is finally invited to “It Girl” Eden’s Halloween party, she changes her own identity to fit in with the crowd and stand a chance against her perfect older sister. Their relationship comes to a head when Eden’s toxic boyfriend Ryan takes advantage of both sisters’ insecurities. Putting aside their differences, they both make a drastic decision and teach each other what real love is in the process. This story is an exploration of the frustrations of sisterhood, the loneliness of youth, and the tribulations of pining for a life that isn’t your own. 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    20.23 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Sannah Kim
  • Screenwriter
    Sannah Kim, Isabel Weiner
  • Producer
    Tyler Davis
  • Cast
    Sofia JoAnna, Lara-Olivia Scott