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Cinema Femme Short Film Fest Encore: Awards Edition

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Grey Feather
Sarita is a young Cambodian girl meets and gets along with Sam, and Australian man who comes to settle down in Cambodia. Their love is very deep and beautiful. However, they have to challenge; to face it when it comes to their daily life, within their different background, culture and their believes. It’s time for them to understand themselves before they know which way they are going to choose.
this is not the morning i thought i was going to have
Two estranged sisters are forced to reunite on a sweaty Chicago day. As the car comes to a boil so does their tolerance for one another.
The Mark
Gracelyn has trained herself in witchcraft ever since being taunted by a group of girls in middle school and excluded from their "coven." Now in their twenties, one of those girls, Annie, brings her boyfriend by for a visit...carelessly unaware of Gracelyn's new powers.
Albion Rose
Following the arrival of an unwanted guest, a tightly-knit bond between two sisters is put to the test when their idyllic playdate takes a dark turn.
A young woman’s audition for a major movie takes an unexpected turn.
SULAM (The Ladder)
When an immigrant teen in Central Florida must help her mother before a school exam, tensions of belonging in a new country bubble to the surface.
HERLY is a dark comedy/drama about siblings who experience the same childhood wounds and the very different life paths they choose.
Dois Estágios (Two Stages of Blood)
On Chef Antonia’s birthday her estranged mother pays a surprise visit to the restaurant. Struggling with feeling abandoned by her Mum when her twin brother died ten years ago, Antonia imagines her brother urging reconciliation.

For one weekend only (5/12 - 5/14) we are bringing back our shorts that received awards from our 2023 Cinema Femme Short Film Fest (4/28 - 5/4).

Watch our AWARDS ceremony that took place on 5/4:

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Twelve year-old Alma and her mother are recent immigrants to the outskirts of Central Florida. On a tense morning before school, they wake up to find part of the ceiling in their apartment leaking and journey to buy a ladder at a local hardware store. What starts out as a simple shopping trip, however, quickly escalates. As Alma refuses to help translate and aggressively removes herself from the situation, boiling tensions test their relationship and co-dependence.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10.45 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Noam Argov
  • Screenwriter
    Noam Argov
  • Producer
    Bethiael Alemayoh
  • Cast
    Oriah Elgrabli, Mor Cohen
  • Cinematographer
    Ella Gibney