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"It’s Nice in Here is a short animated film that paints a fragmented portrait of a young boy called Crimson, named after the color of the hoodie he always wears. We follow him and his best friend as they make their way to a corner store. When a young police officer gets a call regarding a possibly dangerous altercation that the two youngsters might be involved in, he rushes to the store and enters the site with his gun already drawn. They now find themselves in a situation we have unfortunately seen play out countless times.

The plot is a deliberately simple one, but the way the story is told and structured is where we start discovering the nuances and complexity of the story. Everything we see is told and processed through the tainted and entirely subjective points of view of Crimson's best friend, Imani, as well as that of David, the police officer. Their memories contradict each other, they intersect at points, and at others completely take a life of their own. Which of these truths are we more likely to believe?

The film becomes an exploration of how stories surrounding police brutality get told, what points get conveniently forgotten, and how those who don’t make it out alive get remembered. With two opposing narratives being presented, we are reminded that we are constantly swimming in a carefully curated reality where we have to question our biases in order to reach a version of the story that rings most true to us. "

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    West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival - “Best of Show” (2019) DC Black Film Festival - Best Experimental Film (2019)