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Based on recent declassified documents, “CUBANA 455” analyzes the sabotage of a Cuban civilian airliner, off the coast of Barbados on October 6th, 1976. The feature-length documentary shows the families of the victims and how they have survived for more than forty-five years waiting for a seed of justice. Interviews include relatives of the victims; an ex-CIA agent; a Venezuelan journalist; a CARICOM ambassador; a Cuban historian; the lawyer who represented Cuba against Posada Carriles and three of the perpetrators of the crime. The documentary presents images of dignity and courage by Cubans who have suffered irreparable harm by an act of terrorism, sponsored by those who today claim to fight against terrorism; it also promotes the CARICOM proposal to designate October 6 as International Day Against Terrorism.

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    Honorable Mention @ TWO hybrid festivals: 1) 2023 ARFF Berlin International Awards; 2) 2024 ARFF Barcelona International Awards.