2021 Damn These Heels Queer Festival

Community Highlight: Xicanx Creative and ThaBSVE

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Utah is home to many organizations and individuals who provide resources, support, and compassionate care to the queer community. We are excited to shine a light on a handful of lesser-known local groups who encourage and provide the means for all people to live as their authentic selves. 


Please learn more about these great organizations and support them after the Festival.


Xicanx Creative and ThaBSVE strive to create a community where we can be free by building a culture of respect and responsibility for one another. A community that can continue to burn bright into the future for newer generations of QPoC (Queer Persons of Color).

Burning Sissy Valley is a space solely for QTPOC, in which they can connect and center their own experiences. They welcome everyone's support but are encouraging only people of color to attend.


This event (consisting of workshops, local vendors, and a dance party) will be held at the Kearns Library, outside of downtown SLC, as people of color don't always have access to those spaces. In their words: Burning Sissy Valley is bringing the party to where their people are, which is particularly important at a time when similar organizations have ceased operations due to COVID.


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Xicanx Instagram @xicanx_creative

BSVE Instagram @thabsve