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Growing up as a Deaf individual in Indonesia, Mufi was taught to speak instead of sign. As an adult, now she carves her music career to inspire others to express themselves through sign language.

When Mufi was diagnosed as Deaf at her early age, her parents insisted on moving to the capital city to get access to a proper education. Unfortunately, like any other Indonesian Deaf people, they’re thought to communicate more orally at school rather than using sign language. Living as the only Deaf person in the family, Mufi felt left out in a lot of the family’s conversations due to struggling to comprehend the fast conversation.

Only after Mufi has grown, Mufi started to use sign language on a daily basis with her closest friends. After finding her safe space, through her work Mufi aims to show her identity as a Deaf Artist. She is ready to collaborate with other creatives on stage where Mufi is now currently preparing her performance with Pamungkas at We The Fest Festival. Despite the success, Mufi still has her own fear about her future.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    25 minutes
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  • Content Warning
    (Content may contain Racism)
  • Director
    Riani Singgih