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Prima Luce (First Light)
A personal study in vanishing and appearing, through Italian light and some birdwatching. Acts of recording, things fleetingly seen and felt, while inscribing the corpus-anima in sunlight through refracting glass and water, and multiple exposures. The work draws on Marsilio Ficino's 1494 book on sunlight, De Sole, in which he says "light penetrates into the innermost parts of things, but it mixes with none of them... nothing is clearer, nor more obscure."
Lumen (meaning ''light'' in Latin) is a sensory film shot on Super-8 that portrays a young girl with oculocutaneous albinism. Despite the hypersensitivity caused by this genetic disease, the depigmentation of her skin and eyes gives her an extraordinary aura.
culture leap (non-linear)
culture leap (non-linear) is composed of found home movies purchased in South Africa and discarded 16mm film from the anthropology department at the University of Cape Town, which was salvaged by filmmaker Roger Horn while completing his PhD in Social Anthropology.
A document of the ethereal features surrounding oceanic bodies, the re-cycling of life and death through the constant flux of coastline.
Backyard on Saint Rose
An autobiographical portrait of a backyard from Spring to Fall. This footage was revisited after a ten-year hiatus, and reveals a deeper personal story about our attempts to start a family.
An intimate film made on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the filmmaker’s father, Rehor Ostrovsky’s, death that collects snippets of the filmmaker's early 8mm and Super-8 films, old photos, letters into a landscape of flickering memories somewhere between home movies and photo albums.
Entre Les Images
A young woman laments the loss of her innocence and mourns her lover as Europe is ravaged by war in the summer of 1914. Entre Les Images is a found footage film composed of preserved 35mm nitrate film frames from over 100 silent films, a large number of them irrevocably lost or only partially preserved, with nothing to mark their presence outside of these majestic few frames.
Aquí is an experimental 16mm short film exploring what home means to a multi-cultural young woman. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Tangled Up in Blue
A reel of cyanotype 16mm films produced by students in Kate Lain's August 2020 remote workshop, which was co-sponsored by Northwest Film Forum and Interbay Cinema Society's educational initiative.

Light is central to cinema. These filmmakers play with and interrogate light in a variety of forms. (60 min.)

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In this program:

  • * Richard Ashrowan, Prima Luce
  • * Sarah Seené, Lumen
  • Roger Horn, cultural leap (non-linear)
  • * Miles Sprietsma, Harmonium
  • * Paul Turano, Backyard on Saint Rose
  • * Vivian Ostrovsky, Wherever Was Never There
  • * Vito A. Rowlands, Entre Les Images
  • * Melina Coumas, Aquí
  • * Kate Lain and others, Tangled Up in Blue

A document of the ethereal features surrounding oceanic bodies, the re-cycling of life and death through the constant flux of coastline.

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    4 minutes
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    Miles Sprietsma