Engauge Experimental Film Festival 2020

Program C: Camera Sick

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Sometimes All of Summertime
This film explores the innocence, beauty and energy in the natural rhythms of a season. The focus on summertime is a metaphor for the process of combining lives with another person and the tugging feelings of that union.
Hel City
Hel City is a piece designed and edited with anonymous Super-8 material from the '70s; a result of the compilation and collection of films by travelers and tourists around the world. The title is inspired by the name of the scientist Rotman's wife, creator of the anthropomorphic robot in the movie Metropolis and the goddess of the underworld in Nordic culture. Both have one beautiful side and another cruel one.
Black River
An observational documentary, shot on high-contrast black and white 16mm film, about a largely undeveloped river in southeastern North Carolina that is home to the oldest trees east of the Rocky Mountains.
Sandoval's Bullet/La Bala de Sandoval
Isidro Vargas and his brother remember his various encounters with death as he wanders through the rainforest.
No Garden Beyond
Scenes from above, below and around the Sargasso Sea, a body of water unbounded by land where ecology and mythology have coexisted since before Juan de Bermúdez’s 1505 expedition. Where spirits whisper through the island’s flora and fauna, only to be interrupted by the alternating currents of manmade ruin and regeneration.
Camera Sick
The earth spins while bodies and cameras wind and rotate on its surface. Sand particles infest recording devices, scratching unravelling celluloid. The camera and its operator transform from seers to ecstatic performers.
The seer passes beneath branches, crosses fields, observes the quiet corners of creation. Bright and dark take turns showing their faces, a two-sided phantasm, one energy shape-shifting through time. The seer makes note, gleans eidolons.

You don’t necessarily need a camera to create short films, but these filmmakers wield the mechanical camera and lenses with aplomb, deftly using a variety of techniques to explore their relationships to others and their environments. (70 min.)

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In this program:

  • Linda Fenstermaker, Sometimes All of Summertime
  • Gregorio Méndez, Hel City
  • André Silva, Black River
  • Jean-Jacques Martinod, La Bala de Sandoval/Sandoval’s Bullet
  • Anna Kipervaser & Rhys Morgan, No Garden Beyond
  • Jeremy Moss, Camera Sick
  • Mike Rollo, Eidolon

Isidro Vargas and his brother remember his various encounters with death as he wanders through the rainforest.

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    17 minutes
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  • Director
    Jean-Jacques Martinod