Engauge Experimental Film Festival 2020

Program E: Stories Not for Children

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Imagine none of this is real
A strange, melancholy travelogue through the post-human world. A record of the land and the resonance of its history. The images and the medium exist in a tense balance, where each amplifies and distorts the other. This work is not only about the landscapes being captured, but the media used to capture it.
RUN! includes three main components: footage from sites of nuclear development, detonation, industry, tourism, and activism in New Mexico and Vermont; a found-footage film on the lifecycle of houseflies; and a reenactment of Jack Smith’s 1969 drag performance as RoseKennedy in his film Song for Rent. Through layering and juxtapositions of these sections, RUN! examines how the interlocking ideologies of war and white supremacy structure landscapes, community rituals, cinematic technology, entomology, epidemic management, and even notions of LGBTQ liberation.
How Do They Do It?
This silent found footage film uses mundane moments culled from a trove of vintage "adult" films found at a Baltimore salvage house and the structure of a half-forgotten poem to mine meaning and examine agency, motivation, and the limited nature of possibilities in a familiar genre of filmmaking.
Children's Stories #2/ Cuentos Para Niños #2
An imagined origin story following El Coco; European colonizers' most powerful weapon. Images were created on 16mm film through alternative techniques.
Drift is a 22-minute aggregate montage created with a bricolage production style, built intermittently over two- and four-year periods, often without a screenplay or rigid plan of execution. It explores as many film techniques as possible, preferring to shoot in the moment while taking inspiration from the present and editing in line with surrealist automatism.
Animal Farm
The animals do not stay long at the "Animal Farm." Animals arrive but never leave. Uncle Steve won't let them. It's a place where animals come to die.
New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe
Three narrators converge in the deserts of New Mexico, each with a separate story to tell. One narrator is J. Robert Oppenheimer, another is a visitor from outer space, and the third is me.
noonwraith blues
Ominous cinegrams of Albrecht Dürer’s "Melencolia" print intercut, like cascading scythes, with depictions of a woman in a field, evoking repetitions that exist in harvest rituals, as well as in gestures of madness. Specters of familial anxieties creep into this loose take on the myth of Południca (noonwraith or Lady Midday), a Slavic harvest spirit that could cause madness in those who wandered the fields alone.

Filmmakers examine the cosmic, mythic, disturbing, edgier aspects of images and sounds. (68 min.)

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In this program:

  • Nicole Baker, Imagine None of This is Real
  • Malic Amalya, RUN!
  • A. Moon, How Do They Do It?
  • Michelle Trujillo, Cuentos Para Niños #2/Stories for Children #2
  • * Elizabeth Lowe, Drift
  • James Hollenbaugh, Animal Farm
  • * Georg Koszulinski, New Mexico Death Wish Diatribe
  • * Kamila Kuc, Noonwraith Blues

The animals do not stay long at the "Animal Farm." Animals arrive but never leave. Uncle Steve won't let them. It's a place where animals come to die.

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    3 minutes
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    James Hollenbaugh