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9 films in package
Facets of pandemic obsessions stitched together.
Self Portrait with Bag
A cameraless portrait of the artist. Super 8mm cartridges placed inside a black cotton bag, the film advanced via a hand crank. The tiny gaps in the fabric weave make for dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tiny pinhole lenses.
eternity on a loop
An employee of God takes a break from heaven's bureaucracy and spends some time on Earth.
600 Moons
A young woman takes a walk in the woods and slips into another realm, wherein she glimpses her future self.
Slow Volumes
A motion study of passing time. Shot using a hand-built camera, 35mm film is drawn past a thin vertical aperture, organizing the image temporally. Familiar objects dissolve into abstract lines unless in motion past the lens, their shape determined not by their physical features but in the speed of their movement.
Beneath The Mead: cigar.lend.shave
A speculative portrait of a place in North Bristol called Pen Park Hole. The film channels the intense curiosity to discover what lies beneath the land we occupy, questioning what is known about this specific site as well as ideas of locality and home.
Study for a Film: Origins or Seeds on the Margin
Inspired by a film by the artist's grandfather, this film mediates between the historical limitations for bourgeoisie women (“roses among roses”) and the contemporary realities of confinement.
3 Dreams of Horses
A triptych in which the figure of the horse becomes a medium for meditation on its various incarnations as symbol, domesticated animal for human domination, and its abstract power as spirit.
In and Out a Window
Our front window from inside and out.

These films build on an early image or idea, often conjuring a meditative state.

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My grandfather made a film in 1926 about his (unfinished) village project Les Fonts. In this piece he used some fragments of the enclosures where roses were grown (respecting the original intertitles of his fim). The bourgeois women of my family are depicted as happily domesticated as "roses among roses," because men did the important things and inherited the land. The women of their time were raised like flowers: they had to be educated, fine, and kind to serve the taste of men in power. They could not get out of the margin if they did not want to be marginalized. In this piece, I contrast images filmed during the confinement of the streets of Les Fonts, where no one cut the weeds and flowers grew on the sidelines of the roads. A parody, a game of contrasts: cultivated flowers, domesticated to serve the patriarchy, and wild flowers, free in thought.

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    Rrose Present