#EOFF2022 • Eastern Oregon Film Festival

Glimpse through the veil. VFX, trends and the future

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Stream began October 23, 2020 9:30 PM UTC
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Jed Laurance of Ingenuity Studios will share some interesting new ideas, trends, and tech behind visual FX for film. Ingenuity Studios provides world-class services from its Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver studios and is notable for its work in film, tv, commercial and music video industries. Featuring work in The Walking Dead and most recently the TAYLOR SWIFT: CARDIGAN project. Jed, an Eastern Oregon University graduate started his career with an effect used in a short film 'Vampire Pioneers from Lake Terror" as part of the La Grande Summer Film Project in 2008 - and since has worked on many incredible projects which he will share a little about, talk about the industry and take some questions.