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American INSIGHT's online SPEAK EZ interviews that showcase Free Speech Film TM award-winning directors and globally-known artists, authors and scholars. Get an intimate look at the filmmaking process and the politics behind creating successful films, books and essays that discuss the role of free speech, human rights and the rule of law in our world today.

As his name suggests, Kermit Roosevelt III is deeply connected to the fundamental values of America. The great-great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, Kermit is a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Pennsylvania, an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction books, and a legal scholar. He is also a keynote speaker adept at discussing everything from the Supreme Court, civil rights, U.S. presidential history, and American politics, to leadership, patriotism, and U.S. current events.

We tell ourselves that our American values were born in a struggle against monarchy and handed down to us by the Founding Fathers of 1776 and 1787. Kermit Roosevelt, in conversation with Natasha Pereira, will explore a different story: that our values were born in a struggle against slavery, and that we owe them to the Civil War and Reconstruction, which were in many ways a revolution against the world the Founders made. Kermit, who was born in Washington, D.C. and attended Harvard University and Yale Law School. He is a member of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court and the American Law Institute; a board member of the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum Foundation, the U.S. Presidential Scholars Foundation, and the National Constitution Center’s Coalition of Freedom; and a distinguished research fellow of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a lecturer for Kaplan Bar Review and prepares students nationwide to take the Constitutional Law portion of the bar exam. In addition to appearing in TIME, he’s been a frequent op-ed contributor in The New York Times, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, The Washington Times, Newsweek, and The Hill, among many other outlets.

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