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American INSIGHT's online SPEAK EZ interviews that showcase Free Speech Film TM award-winning directors and globally-known artists, authors and scholars. Get an intimate look at the filmmaking process and the politics behind creating successful films, books and essays that discuss the role of free speech, human rights and the rule of law in our world today.

SPEAK EZ: Raheel

Raza Raheel Raza was a participant in the Free Speech Film Festival's 2015 Free Speech Award-winning film Honor Diaries.

Raheel Raza's goals are to expose the dangers of a radical Islamist ideology and take back the faith; empower women for rights and gender equality, especially in third-world countries; and educate youth about the dangers of radicalization and terrorism.

Honor Diaries profiled Raheel and eight other women's rights activists, who all experienced firsthand the hardships and gender-based violence women endure in Muslim-majority societies. The documentary gave Raheel and these other women a platform to share their personal stories, engage the global community in a dialogue about gender equality, and break the silence on “honor violence” against women and girls in the hopes that it would inspire and motivate others to speak out.

The topics discussed in Honor Diaries include freedom of movement, the right to education, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation.

Today, Raheel uses her platforms as an award-winning journalist; prolific author; international public speaker; fearless advocate for human rights, gender equality and dignity in diversity; and bridge builder between communities to express her beliefs in the values of free speech, democracy, gender equality and pluralism.

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