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these are my hands thrown up like fire

Performed by: NEVE

Music: NEVE

Videography + Editing: NEVE

About NEVE

NEVE (they/he) is a Nubian (Indigenous Sudanese), Southwest Asian, and Celtic/Germanic American enchantrexx of queer joy and consequences (read: Black American, Indigenous, Arab/South Asian, queer, multigender femme, trans, Disabled performing artist freak), creating and producing in the realms of dance, musical theatre, and experimental film, and casting punk spells in Duwamish (Seattle) and other Unceded Coast Salish Territories, and being of other rivers- the Raritan, the Mississippi, the Nile. He is a lover of Levar Burton, Reading, and Rainbows. They are the Great Great Grandchild of the Author of The Velveteen Rabbit, and this lineage factors greatly into their work. NEVE is a river fairy and a merqueer and a chip of hard sap shimmering down to the bottom. He is a 2020 Pina Bausch Fellow, and one of the first two Americans to receive the award. They are an award-winning actrexx and filmmaker, and they are currently working on the screenplay adaptation of their original dance musical Lover of Low Creatures. He is currently a contributing writer at The South Seattle Emerald and has also been published in Curve Magazine, The Black Scholar, Everyday Feminism, ModelViewCulture, Plenitude Magazine, and MaximumRockNRoll, among others.

NEVE believes in God(exxes), Liberation, Land Back, Right of Return, Reparations, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Multiverse. They are polyamorously gay married, and they talk to animals, but the talking to animals came first and shed light on future relationships. Much like that Velveteen Rabbit, they are magical, real, and yearn to be changed by loving.

Artist statement: I am a multidisciplinary, access-centered, liberation ethicked choreographer because I believe how we relate to our bodies and each others’ bodies
determines how we treat space, the earth, and the possibilities of our future.
I believe that our bodies are a mixed medium.
Dance is the perfect venue to show what they can do.

That is why the dance I make is more than dance,
or rather, I believe in what dance is.
Dance is as expansive and life-giving and diverse
as the bodies it’s made with. Dance is as mixed-genre and discipline as the stories it needs to tell. Dance deserves more than to have its complexity erased.