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The Mother of the Forest ~ Curupira ~ is the story of a powerful Amazonian goddess told through the voices of the Borarí people from the heart of the forest in Pará, Brazil. She is the all powerful guardian of all living beings in the forest. And while she is generous and benevolent in her gift… Beware! If you disrespect her home, her punishments are merciless.

Her warnings are more relevant than ever in a contemporary reality where the forces of agri-business, logging and mining are decimating the forest faster than we can protect it. Her story reminds us that it is time to listen, respect and rekindle a more balanced relation to nature if we wish to protect our common home.


  • Year
  • Runtime
    12 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    Netherlands, Brazil
  • Director
    Lea Hejn
  • Producer
    Jade Wheldon
  • Cast
    Chief Dada Borari