Welcome to Halaloween: A Muslim Film Festival Virtual Edition!
Thank you for joining our annual festival brought to you by the Global Islamic Studies Center (GISC) at the University of Michigan. What's Halaloween? Halaloween screens horror films from across the globe that were made by, for, or about Muslims with the hopes of understanding ‘What scares Muslim audiences? Are horror movies halal?’. This year we are hosting the festival online and screening one film a week for the month of October. We're giving the you the remote and allowing viewers to watch on their own time: each film will be available for a whole week. We're also inclusive of everyone's film needs: from new horror fans who close their eyes through most of the films, to those who love the gore - we've got films for everyone! Check the Halaloween Horror Rating in the description of each film for a better sense on how scary each film will be. 
 The festival is free, and will come to you wherever you are (though some films may not be available in certain countries). Films will be unlocked online each week of October, and viewers will have the week to watch each film. We'll wrap up the month of October with a live panel discussion on Muslim Horror, the use of Islam and the Quran, and how each region differs in its creation of horror films. Follow the GISC social media for more, and take a look below to see our lineup for 2021! Halaloween is brought to you by the Global Islamic Studies Center, and cosponsored by the Middle Eastern Studies Department, the Department of Film, Television, and Media, the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum, the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Arab and Muslim American Studies, the Humanities Institute, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the African Studies Center, the Center for South Asian Studies, the Center for Arab American Studies (UM-Dearborn), the Arab American National Museum, and Shudder.