Another Hole in the Head 2021

An Animation Celebration

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Homeward Clown
A lost clown travels across trouble stricken 1930's America to reunite with his circus family.
Balthazar & Snirt
During the age of monsters and magic, a fearless village idiot and an anxious wizard-in-training team up to slay a dragon on a quest through exotic lands.
Self-Actualization of the Werewolf Woman
A werewolf thinks she has her life figured out until a late-night chance encounter changes her mind.
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Shots of Light
An animated music video by Christian Scharfenberg, based on the song 'Shots of Light', by Morgan Finlay. The film follows 'Shemp' as they walk through the city, observing the world around them and taking hope from the shots of light that appear through the cracks.
Patrolling Earth from the moon is the cushiest job an alien can get. But when an incident turns Earth's timeline on its head, all they can do is watch and hope they don't get fired!
Take Him Down
A super soldier and a cybernetically-enhanced bear are on a dangerous mission to save the world, but the greatest challenge they face is not a villain, but miscommunication.
Posted No Hunting
When a trail cam captures a frightening encounter in the woods, the scariest part is what you don't see. Told through stop motion animation and starring puppets made of wool, rubber, and clay, this is a new twist on the found footage horror film.
The next hole
Due to the nature of his job, man is obsessed with holes One day a hole that nothing can fill is created in his life.
An AI robot and his owner make a living by hacking into computers and stealing important electronic files. During their usual escapade, they stumble upon a hard drive containing EP. But what is EP?
This Science Fiction action-comedy follows the adventures of Crusoe, an astronaut stranded on an alien planet teeming with hostile life.
Gate X
A traveler falls into the vortex of tightened security controls and does not get away unscathed.
Tank, a natural artist who is always drawing, runs into trouble with the law with his gang of friends. Convicted, jailed, and subjected to solitary confinement and intense brutality, his art allows him to escape his terrible conditions. He discovers his own native spirituality while in jail, and through his art, finds a way to be in the world, and to reflect on his own reality.
An animated Music Video detailing Spanish band Los Glosters’ adventures on the road.
Be Mine
An animated music video of a band driving through the desert while airship pirate foxes attempt to bomb them.
Things go awry when a guinea pig medical patient is implanted with an A.I. capable microchip.
Dude, Where's My Dad?
After a mysterious break-in at their house, two demons follow the evidence left behind in order to find their now-missing dad, leading them into a strange and other-worldly mansion, which at first encounter seems uninhabited...
Moorriiss the Robot
Before there were robots, there were tin men. Before there were tin men, there was Gordon P. Lipshitz, aka Moorriiss the Robot.
Pimento! Follows a tiny goblin's misadventures as she's sent out on a special errand: stealing from the sprawling human-populated metropolis Ballyhoo! Only time will tell if she's enough of a monster to commit heinous crimes, or if her moral compass will stand in her way!
A team of American and Russian deep space astronauts have discovered life on a distant asteroid. All they need to do is figure out how to get it back home to planet Earth.
Space Karen
A team from the crew of the Exploration Vessel Obatala, led by Captain Charles Newkirk, is sent by the United Earth Federation to check out a series of complaints from Planet MYO-B.
Jason Pell's Pinpricks
Jason Pell's Pinpricks is an animated anthology short film. It's a mix of horror and Science Fiction. Think the Twilight Zone set in rural America…
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A collection of short animated narrative films.

This Science Fiction action-comedy follows the adventures of Crusoe, an astronaut stranded on an alien planet teeming with hostile life.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    8 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    John Cook Lynch
  • Screenwriter
    Shane Acker