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Shorts Block II - Forks in Time & Space

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Phar Yar Sin (The Altar)
A Buddhist, fable-like story exploring the guilt felt by a child after killing an ant in the sink.
Everyone but MONU (11) has seen SHERA, the elusive leopard living in the forest around his remote Himalayan village. When his parents decide to move, his best friend is determined to help him see SHERA – a parting gift he’ll never forget.
The life of an expat Nepali in the United Arab Emirates turns upside down when she loses a small amount of money while trying to buy a laptop for her son in Nepal.
A aggressive senior police officer keeps adding charges to the case of a young man, but they seem to have a personal connection.
Kala (Skill)
A mother and son communicate through Jugalbandi (a conversation through art), and come to accept each other through dance and music.
Named after Mumbai’s historic red light district, Kamathipura explores the decaying neighborhood with nightmarish strokes of fantasy. We follow the nervous virgin Sid as he makes a pilgrimage of sorts to a much-vaunted temptress in the area. But the mythical seductress has other plans. She turns Sid’s first time into a terrifying supernatural ordeal, where he is forced to reckon with the violence and sexual slavery that ensnares Kamathipura’s workers.
The Road Not Taken
A divorced and alienated woman in her early 30s experiences a pivotal day when she decides to resign from her job to pursue an acting career. Despite her efforts to engage in a meaningful conversation with her family, she encounters only fruitless resistance. The day unfolds with bizarre twists as she juggles her job responsibilities, compelling her to reevaluate her choices.
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Helena works in the UAE as a waitress. Her son in Nepal has been asking for a laptop for the last four months and has now stopped going to school. Finally, when she’s saved enough money to buy one, she finds out that she’s lost a small amount of cash. When the son calls her, she lies to him saying that she’s bought the laptop and is sending it with her friend. Deep into the lies, in between the pressure from work and from her family,

how will she get through this?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Country
    United Arab Emirates, Nepal
  • Director
    Ayarush Paudel
  • Producer
    Sophiya Paudel
  • Cast
  • Cinematographer
    Pu Jia
  • Editor
    Ayarush Paudel
  • Sound Design
    Kate Ezubova
  • Music
    Daniel Nivia