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Told through the eyes of a high school teen, this film depicts the lonely reality of studying abroad layered with the spoken and unspoken nuances communicated between a mother and son.
Pinned Down
A young hijabi battles with the prejudices of society against her headscarf as she faces an internal struggle with herself, tries to navigate romance, and deals with the realities of being a teenager in a digital age.
The Humanity Test
When Vince Kaber sits for his first Humanity Test, he’s forced to grapple with whether his trauma has deepened or stripped him of his humanity.
Girl Scout Cookies
After attempting to sell cookies on their turf, two teenagers find themselves in a battle against the League of Girl Scouts, a group of evil capitalistic pre-teens who are highly skilled in combat.
High school soon-to-be graduate is trying to choose the right path for her future and and tackles the youthful confusion alongside societal expectations.
Running the Empire
A Roman runner must deliver news of the destruction of Pompeii to the Emperor.
No Human Being is Illegal
Juan Constantino is a Dreamer who witnessed the struggles of achieving the American dream. Now he gives back to a new generation of immigrants in the revitalized Indiana city of South Bend.
Sophie and Jacob
Inspired by the true story of how my great-grandparents met and fell in love as refugees from the holocaust, Sophie and Jacob is a personal testimony of the bonds of love found in a time of unimaginable suffering.
5 Years from Water
Upon retirement, Mike Danesi's dream was to build a boat to sail across the ocean. 19 years later he's still working on it, though he believes he's only 5 years away from fulfilling his dream.
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The true story of an escapee from a Victorian Asylum who returns home to find the family she meets isn’t who she hoped for.
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Shorts made by high school students from around the world.

Films: 091319.mov; Pinned Down; The Humanity Test; Girl Scout Cookies; Power Outage; Running the Empire; No Human Being is Illegal; Sophie and Jacob; 5 Years from Water; Beth

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The year is 2058, and the global population is 2.6 billion thanks to the implementation of the Humanity Test. Global-citizens that receive a passing humanity score retake the test every subsequent 25 years until their death. If a global-citizen fails the Humanity Test, they are immediately terminated.

High School: Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C.

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  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Rating
    Strong Language,Mature Themes,Sexual Content
  • Note
    Narrative Short
  • Director
    Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan
  • Screenwriter
    Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan
  • Producer
    Samuel Mitchell
  • Executive Producer
    Samuel Mitchell
  • Cast
    Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan