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We can all use a laugh right now.

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A female drug lord moves cocaine as only a woman would: in baby carriers. She gives Walter, her drug runner, a baby carrier to take directly to Roshaun, who works for the Jade Skull Syndicate, but when Walter arrives at the drop, he finds out that instead of cocaine, he has a live baby. Roshaun instantly falls in love with the baby, and decides to keep it. Walter tries to get it back, worried that Mrs. X will kill them both, but Roshaun is not giving up on his lifelong dream of being a father.

Heartland Film Alumni: Sorry, Not Sorry 2019

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Film Contact:

Monique Sorgen


  • Year
  • Runtime
    6 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Rating
    Mature Themes
  • Note
    Narrative Short
  • Director
    Monique Sorgen
  • Screenwriter
    Monique Sorgen
  • Producer
    Sean Akers, Jessica Oyelowo, Monique Sorgen
  • Executive Producer
    Olivier Goldschmidt, Troy Smith
  • Cast
    Mo McRae, Scott Kinsky, Jessica Oyelowo, Camilla Brewer