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My mother’s dreams have always been strong premonitions for important moments in my life. I rely on her dreams more than any religion.
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Of Memory and Debris
An intimate portrait of the director’s grandparents back in Venezuela: Ababo scrapes the sewers of a gold processing factory, and Opa struggles with solitude after losing his wife to Alzheimer’s.
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Quan is a stubborn but mature 11-year-old. One day, coming home from school, he witnesses something that makes him question his family’s dynamics.
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In present day Queens, New York, a Turkish gravedigger is unable to face a shattering truth, and risks losing the dearest connection left in his life.
Mass Ave
Over a day of landscaping work, a first generation African American and his immigrant father have their tense relationship and different outlooks on life transformed irreversibly when they are racially profiled by police.
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The Name of the Son
Lucho, a 13-year-old trans boy, doesn't usually share much time with his father. When he goes on vacation with him and his younger sister, the new closeness and daily life put their relationship to the test.
A teenage girl reckons with love and loss as her mother battles a dangerous disease. A story about the enduring bond between mothers and daughters, Beautiful explores the transformative power of resilience.
A woman attempts to immortalize her dying grandfather using virtual reality technology, but her obsession with documenting drives a wedge between them.
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Stories of complex family dynamics.

Films: KKUM; Of Memory and Debris; Dinner; Leylak; Mass Ave; The Name of the Son; Beautiful; Heartland

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As New York City deals with the ravishing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, YUSUF, a 45-year-old immigrant gravedigger in Queens, New York, struggles to make ends meet and care for RENK, his eleven-year-old daughter. Unable to face the sudden demise of his hospitalized, COVID-19 stricken wife, Yusuf withholds the truth from his daughter. Several days pass and the weight of the truth, no longer containable, forces an unavoidable reckoning between Yusuf and Renk.

In English, Turkish, with English subtitles.

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Film Contact:

Catherine Lyn Scott, London Flair


  • Year
  • Runtime
    17 minutes
  • Language
    English, Turkish
  • Country
    United States
  • Rating
    Mature Themes
  • Note
    Narrative Short
  • Director
    Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos
  • Screenwriter
    Mustafa Kaymak
  • Producer
    Scott Aharoni, Mustafa Kaymak, Dennis Latos
  • Executive Producer
    Steve Biegel, Yvette Pineyro, Iliana Guibert, Robert Pistor
  • Cast
    Nadir Saribacak, Isabella Haddock, Gamze Ceylan, Samrat Chakrabarti