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Stranger at the Gate
A U.S. Marine plots a terrorist attack on a small-town American mosque, but his plan takes an unexpected turn when he comes face to face with the people he sets out to kill.
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Black Slide
Eviah, a young and timid kid on the brink of puberty, and his best friend sneak into the Black Slide, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. There, Eviah will gain insight to prepare him for events about to unfold at home.
An Irish Goodbye
In rural Northern Ireland, two estranged brothers are forced to reunite after the untimely death of their mother.
Long Line of Ladies
A girl and her community prepare for her Ihuk, the once-dormant coming of age ceremony of the Karuk tribes of Northern California.
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A Prayer for My Mother
An animated film that chronicles the extraordinary saga of Holocaust survivor Eva Brettler – a child facing brutality and profound loss who finds sustenance in faith and her own dreams for the future.
After building a seemingly successful life, a man must come to terms with the melancholic truth that he has detached from his Vietnamese culture and subsequently his grandmother, both of which he once held a close relationship with.
After a young boy's father passes away, his gift to his son comforts and looks after him in his father's absence.
A group of animals makes itself dependent on a power grid, hooked onto the socket-shaped snout of a single sleeping pig.
El Carrito
After a harrowing event, an untrusting and isolated street vendor discovers the embrace of her community.
Groundhog Town
In the lead-up to the first canceled Groundhog Day in 134 years, residents of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania confront the uncertainty of their collective future.
Night of the Living Dread
When a power cut ruins Ruby's bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.
Conversations Between Shifts
Jeanette leads a double life as a nurse and mother, and finds herself fighting labor injustices and processing personal loss during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The Night Watch
A couple rushes out of a glamorous party. On their way home, an argument leads to a brutal car accident. When George regains consciousness, Christina has disappeared. He will then experience a real descent into hell.
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After 25 years of service, U.S. Marine Mac McKinney returns home to Indiana filled with an all-consuming rage toward the people he had been fighting against. Still fueled by his desire to fight for his country, he plans to bomb the local mosque.

But when he comes face to face with the community of Afghan refugees and others of Muslim faith that he seeks to kill, his plan takes an unexpected turn.

Indiana Spotlight

Filmed in Muncie, Indiana. 

Film Contact:

Eric Nichols


  • Year
  • Runtime
    30 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    Midwest Premiere
  • Rating
    Mature Themes
  • Director
    Joshua Seftel
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
    Suzanne Hillinger, Conall Jones, Joshua Seftel
  • Executive Producer
    Lena Khan, Mohannad Malas, Rev. Dr. Conrad Fisher MD, John W. Kiser, Anna Bick Rowe, Jeremy Mack, Eric Nichols
  • Cast
    Bibi Bahrami, Dana McKinney, Emily McKinney, Richard “Mac” McKinney, Jomo Williams